Put Employees First

Employee Feedback Made Simple

The easiest way to collect real-time employee feedback and turn it into staff happiness and retention

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How does it work?

Why waste time learning complicated platforms?
Our strategy is quick, easy and intuitive.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight

1. Give your employees a voice

Use quick and easy surveys to collect employee feedback.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight
Act on your insight

2. Build strong employee relationships

Reply to feedback directly via the email-based communications platform.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight

3. Keep your best employees

Use your feedback to improve morale and keep your best staff.

Clever doesn't have to be complicated

How Can We Help You?

Too many feedback platforms just help you collect feedback. We want to help make employee feedback directly benefit your business.

Build Stronger
Employee Relationships

  • Discover how your employees really feel about working for you
  • Respond to, and act on, employee feedback to build relationships
  • Show employees you care about their thoughts and feelings
It’s not just a number. Get qualitative and quantitative data directly from your customers.Qualative
Quickly access your data in real-time, so you don’t lose trackDashboard2731022020397

Keep Your Best People

  • Track employee happiness over time to identify when an individual's happiness dips
  • Resolve any niggles before they escalate into full blown problems
  • Identify common issues that arise in employee feedback and act on them to boost overall staff happiness

Understand How Your Whole Team Feels

  • Your Employee Happiness Score ® will be generated by the ActiveFeedback platform as it receives your employee feedback
  • Use this single number, between 0 and 100, to understand how your whole team feels, or break it down by department to get an eagle-eyed view of happiness within your business
Encourage competition to drive motivation amongst your staffTeam-Leaderboards

So, what are the features?

We have the tools that allow you to create an employee feedback strategy that works.

It works!

Find out how ActiveFeedback has helped Potters Resort reduce staff
turnover with an impressive Employee Happiness Score ®

Lower your staff retention and increase happiness with ActiveFeedback

Potters Resort has achieved an Employee Happiness Score ® of 87/100, reduced staff turnover by 21%, and has a company culture that means most new staff members are recommended into the business by current employees.

See how easy it is to use ActiveFeedback for your business.
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Start your free trial and ask up to 500 people how they feel about working for your business now.

14 days full access and no credit card required.