Put Customers First

Customer Feedback Made Simple

The easiest way to turn real-time customer
feedback into loyalty and business growth.

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How does it work?

Why waste time learning complicated platforms?
Our strategy is quick, easy and intuitive.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight

1. Collect Feedback

Use quick and easy surveys to collect customer feedback.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight
Act on your insight

2. Respond To Feedback

Reply to feedback directly via the email-based communications platform.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight

3. Act On Your Insight

Use your feedback to make strategic improvements and grow your business quicker.

Clever doesn't have to be complicated

How Can We Help You?

Too many feedback platforms just help you collect feedback.
We want to help make feedback directly benefit your business.

Build Stronger
Customer Relationships

  • Discover how your customers really feel about your business
  • Act on customer feedback to build relationships and earn loyalty
  • Show customers you care about their feedback
It’s not just a number. Get qualitative and quantitative data directly from your customers.Qualative

Improve Marketing Results

  • Segment your database by how your customers feel
  • Invite your happiest customers to buy from you again
  • Incentivise your neutral customers to give you another chance
  • Take unhappy customers out of your marketing altogether to save time and money

Get More Engagement On Social Media

  • Segment your database by how your customers feel
  • Upload your happiest customers as a custom audience to target with your posts and ads for more engagement and follows
  • Exclude your unhappiest customers from seeing your ads to reduce negative comments and stop wasting your budget

Boost Your Online Reputation

  • Find out how the silent majority of your customers feel
  • Ask your happiest customers to leave an honest review online
  • Resolve customer issues before they reach the public domain

Align Your Team Behind One Goal

  • Your Customer Happiness Score ® will be generated by the ActiveFeedback platform as it receives your customer feedback
  • Align your whole team behind this simple performance indicator, between 0 and 100, and focus on improving together

So, what are the features?

We have the tools that allow you to create a customer feedback strategy that works.

It works!

Find out how it helped The Black Rock Grill Restaurant get in the Top 10 on TripAdvisor and grow an email database of almost 19,000 people.

The Black Rock Grill

The Black Rock Grill Restaurant has achieved a Customer Happiness Score ® of 97/100, been in the Top 10 on TripAdvisor for seven years, grown an E-Mail Database of 18,500 people and a loyalty club with 7,500 members.

See how easy it is to use ActiveFeedback for your business.

Start your free trial now.

Start your free trial and ask up to 500 people how they feel about your business now.

14 days full access and no credit card required.