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How does it work?

Collect feedback

1. Collect Feedback

Use quick and easy surveys to collect employee and customer feedback.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight
Act on your insight

2. Respond To Feedback

Reply to feedback directly via the email-based communications platform.

Act on your insight
Act on your insight
Act on your insight

3. Act On Your Insight

Use your feedback to make strategic improvements and grow your business quicker.

So Simple To Use - So Hugely Powerful In Practice

So, who do you want to ask first?

What makes us different?

Not all feedback systems were created equal. Unlike the other guys, ActiveFeedback cares how your customers feel because they have the power to make your business better! Here are just five things you won't enjoy anywhere else.

Emotion over boring surveys

Your customers or employees don’t have the time (or inclination) to answer loads of questions. You don’t have the time to read them. All that matters is how your customer or employee feels, so we ask! It's emotions that drive people's behaviours, so we've got rid of all the other fluff.

Hear from the silent majority

We developed a survey technique that secures the highest possible fill in rates (seriously, we spent two years testing it!). Stop just hearing from a few of your customers or employees and give everyone a voice. The wisdom of the crowd is key to making the best business decisions.

Turn feedback into a conversation

It’s rude to ignore someone if they offer you advice, not to mention pointless asking if you’re not going to listen. Using our communications platform you can say thanks for a thanks, or even turn a negative experience around. You can invite your happiest customers to tell their friends, family and the world.

The one number that counts

Collecting reams of insightful data is great, but how can you communicate with your team and make real change? ActiveFeedback is the only platform to generate your unique Customer Happiness Score® and Employee Happiness Score®. A single number between 0 and 100 produced in real time the whole team can get behind.

Help and advice every step of the way

Unlike other platforms, we want you to do something with all of the feedback you collect. We will provide you with loads of free execution plans, regular webinars and fantastic support to ensure you're not just collecting feedback, you're benefitting from it.

We could talk about the benefits of ActiveFeedback until we are blue in the face but, ultimately, it's results for you and your business that matters. Here are a couple of examples of where ActiveFeedback has made an enormous difference for these two businesses.

The Black Rock Grill Restaurant has achieved a Customer Happiness Score® of 97/100, been in the Top 10 on TripAdvisor for seven years, grown an Email Database of 18,500 people and a loyalty club with 7,500 members.

Potters Resort has achieved an Employee Happiness Score® of 87/100, reduced staff turnover by 21%, and has a company culture that means most new staff members are recommended into the business by current employees. 

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